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What is the maximum level in PUBG Mobile?

After playing PUBG Mobile for several hours, I’m not only very excited about the game, but I also reached level 16. To do this, I survived about 7 hours in the game.

But at the same time I was wondering, who has achieved the highest level and what is the maximum level that can be reached?

The highest leveled player

I checked all servers and rankings and the result is clear: The highest leveled player out there is currently playing on the Asian server and his name is Re-PEACHx.

This guy is going hard: He’s already a level 44 player after 5 days and 14 hours of survival time.

So what’s the maximum level?

I contacted the customer service of Tencent to ask this, but I never received an answer. My current guess would be that the maximum level must be about 100.

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