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How to create a free PUBG mobile account?

In this article, you will learn how you can create a new account in PUBG Mobile. Please find below the steps you need to follow within Tencent’s great and free mobile app of the game Playersunknown’s Battleground:


1 First of all, you need of course to download and open the PUBG Mobile app on your iOs or Android device.

2 You can play as a guest or you can register with your Facebook account. I will create the account with my Facebook account in this example. 

3 Sign in to Facebook

4 Accept the user license agreement.

5 Create your character by defining his face, hair, skin color and gender and tap on Create.
Important: Note that you can register a nickname next to the Create button

6 Define if you want to play with low, medium or high quality of graphics. In this example the Spec requirement is set High by default.

7 Tap on the coin to collect your first rewards for the daily sign-in.

8 Done! Your account has been created and you can now start to play clicking the Start button in the left top corner.

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