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How to find and use a flare gun in Pubg Mobile

In this article you will learn how you can use the flare gun in PUBG Mobile. These are the best steps to follow when you’re on the hunt for an extra airdrop in the mobile app of Playerunknown’s Battleground:


1 First of all, you need of course to find a flare gun. It will take up your pistol slot. You’ll find one flare alongside it.

2 Get into the safe zone (white zone) outside of a building, take the gun in your hand, look up at the sky and fire it up high.

3 a plane will fly over and an airdrop will land close to where you fire it off and produce yellow smoke. This process will take exactly 50 seconds, so you just need to wait for a while and pay attention in meanwhile. Your opponents will see the flare in the air and the airdrop too, so stay alert. 

4 An airdrop from a flare gun will always contain 2 guns instead of 1 (e.g. M249 + AWM) + random armour items (e.g. Military vest + Spetnaz helmet) + usually a scope (e.g. 8x scope)

5 Enjoy the exclusive advantage you have over other players

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