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How to buy clothes and open soldier’s crates in PUBG Mobile?

When you play PUBG Mobile for the first time, you might feel a bit naked just wearing a simple boxershort. So let’s find out how we can leave the look below behind by buying and getting some fashionable clothes.


1 When you’re signed in to your PUBG Mobile account, choose Supplies in the upper right corner.

2 Check how many coins you own. In this example I own 13.000 coins. You earn these by completing daily missions and doing your daily sign-ins.

3 Open a soldier’s crate if you have enough coins to open it. In this example opening the crate costs me 1.400 coins, so it’s no problem to do it.

4 One of the clothes will pop out of the crate.In this example it’s a beanie hat.

5 Go to inventory, where you will see the clothes that you own highlighted. Tap on the highlighted clothes to put them on.

6 Done! You have now changed your look completely by putting on your new clothes. You’re ready to go out now!

Johan Van Asch

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