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How to reduce battery consumption in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is great and completely free, but as you’re playing, you will notice that the game eats up your battery life. So in this article we’ll have a look at how long can your battery can last playing PUBG Mobile and what the best tips are to save your battery.

I did this test with an iPhone X and graphics set high to see how my battery usage was doing:

1) How much battery does the game use?

1 To check the battery consumption, I played 1 PUBG Mobile map for 29 minutes.

2 As you can see in the screenshot, this 1 game took 14% of my iPhone X’s battery when you compare the before and after.

3 So a quick calculation learns us that my battery would last for 3 hours and 27 minutes (=207 minutes) if I would play non-stop.

2) Battery saving tip in PUBG Mobile

4 As the game itself indicates, you will use less battery by lowering the frame rate of the graphics (as they say: “Lower graphics to increase stability, reduce heating and battery consumption”). You can do this by going to Settings > Graphics > Set frame rate to Low (or Medium).

3) Battery saving tips not in PUBG Mobile

5 Next to that, you have of course all the general tips that will help you to save battery:

  • Close all background apps
  • Use a battery powerbank
  • Lower the brightness of your screen

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