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How to revive a knocked down squad member in PUBG Mobile?

In this article you will learn how you can save your team mates in PUBG Mobile when they’ve been knocked down. Because if a member of your squad has been knocked down, the only way to save them is by reviving them. We’ll explain below how you can restore the health of your team members and prevent them from dying:


1 When you see the message appear that one of your team mates has been knocked down, get as close as possible to them and make sure the zone is safe by sitting behind a wall or tree. You’ll see then the message revives appear. Tap on the +.

2 The message ‘Revives’ now changes in Reviving. It will take 10 seconds to revive your teammate.

3 Congratulations! You’ve now revived one of your teammates and he or she will be able to continue the game.


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