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How to parachute faster in PUBG Mobile?

In this article you will learn how you can parachute faster and win the race to the ground. They will give you a good start and a competitive advantege. These are the best steps to follow when you’re in the airplane and about to jump in the mobile app of Playerunknown’s Battleground:


1 As soon as you hear the sound of the plane, the first thing you need to do is tap on the map in the upper right corner.

2 Tap on the spot where you want to land. By placing a landmark, you let your teammates know where you’ll be and generate a landing path for yourself. Tip: The best places to land are around building, where you can loot a lot of items.

3 Tap on jump when the plane comes close to the spot where you want to land.

4 Hold your left finger in the middle of the screen en swipe your right finger to the bottom of the screen to look down to the ground and reach the maximum speed of flying through the air: 234 km/h. You can scan for other players while you’re skydiving by looking around using the eye icon.

5 Once the parachute releases automatically, swipe to the top again to reach the maximum parachute speed: 64 km/h. Try to follow at the same time the marker lines of your colour see on the map to land among buildings.

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