What’s the mobile data usage of the Fortnite app?

Fortnite Mobile is completely free, but how much is the game going to cost you when you don’t have any Wi-Fi available? If you have a limited data plan, you’re probably asking yourself how much megabytes and data the Fornite Mobile app will consume.

So what I did was reset my mobile data usage to 0 MB, using an iPhone X and Wi-Fi turned off to see how my mobile data usage was doing.

Data usage result

1 After I had set my mobile data to 0, I played a few Fornite mobile battles during 68 minutes.

2 Afterwards it turned out that during these 68 minutes, my iPhone X used 33,9 MB (=Megabytes) of data.

3 Conclusion: The Fortnite Mobile app uses about 30 MB of mobile data per hour. Seen the high standard of graphics in this game, I find this personally an ‘acceptable’ amount of data.

Johan Van Asch

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