How to logout or switch accounts in the Amazon app?

In this article, you will learn how you can sign out from your account in the Amazon app. Once you’ve logged out, you’ll be able to switch accounts and login to another account. I made the screenshots with my IPhone iOS, but steps remain the same for Android. These are the steps you need to follow when you’re in the Amazon app:


1. While you’re in the app, tap on the the 3 lines in the upper left corner.

2. Select Settings on the bottom of the screen.

3. You’ll see now: Not ‘your name’? Sign out. This is the option you need to select.

4. Confirm that you want to log out of your account.

5. You’ll be redirected to the home screen, from where you can sign in to another account if you want to.

Johan Van Asch

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  1. is there no switch accounts button so you can have multiple accounts listed. I have a regular prime and a business prime and it would be great to just be able to switch between them somehow easily on the app.

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